"The Original" Merced Certified Farmers' Market has been around since 1980 offering a bountiful variety of fresh, locally-grown produce, nuts and more. You'll be pleasantly surprised at the many different, delicious foods grown and harvested in and around Merced County. The Saturday Merced Farmer's Market is the only year-round market certified by the State of California to be run by local member-growers who sell directly to the public. Just ask about the foods you see and you'll get your answers straight from the source - the farmers who actually grow what they sell. Location: If you are a grower/producer who is interested in selling at the market, click here!
About Us

Saturday Mornings

Downtown Merced

Corner of 16th St. & Canal St.

8am - 12pm


Merced Certified Farmers' Market  •  16th st. & Canal Merced CA 95340